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Private Classes by Indiv Yoga

Charlie Stewart-Brown

From CHF600 for a 4 week course

Charlie works with private clients, usually creating 4 – 10 week personal yoga programs tailored to the individual’s health and objectives. The aim is to develop and establish a personal yoga sequence that you can continue to practice on your own. With continued study of anatomy and physiology and certifying in various styles of yoga, Charlie has a broad understanding of many of the daily strains, and the more serious diseases, our bodies experience.  Please click on ‘Ask For Availability’ to inquire about Charlie’s calendar, and availability in Switzerland or abroad.

mahila yoga

With her own style of yoga therapy, Charlie has had very successful results on a huge range of illnesses and physiological issues including sciatica, diabetes, cancer recovery, osteoporosis, joint transplants, arthritis, depression, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.

Private classes can be held at the Indiv Yoga™ studio or at your location.


Charlie’s work of yoga therapy for special needs came about unexpectedly many years ago when she was asked for help by an Ambassador regarding his son’s Autism. The benefits of her style of yoga therapy were quickly apparent and she ended up working with him up to 3 times a week for a further 4 years. Through word of mouth she quickly began taking on more kids with special needs with wonderful results. Having worked with ASD patients and other disorders during her psychology degree, helped develop her style of yoga therapy, as well as spending time learning from the prominent Sonia Sumar. The main principles of physical yoga (correct breath work, stretching, toning, posture, focus & relaxing) are the back bone of each session along with an emphasis on communication, self-awareness, confidence, connectedness and creativity.

From babies into adulthood, Charlie’s style of yoga therapy has helped with Autism Spectrum, PPD-NOS, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia, Eating Disorders & childhood anxiety.

mama and baby yoga

Whether you are thinking of getting pregnant or want to keep in shape during and after pregnancy, yoga is a great way of gently staying healthy. Pre-natal yoga helps your body stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and in preparation for the birth. This includes correct breathing & relaxation for the mind & body, as well as a top-to-toe tailored workout that won´t leave you feeling like you´ve over done it. Each class is structured to the group and tend to follow a post-natal class with a 15mins chill-out chatting time between new & expecting mums.

Postnatal yoga is a fantastic way of toning your body back into shape, with an overall workout routine especially designed to deal with the side effects of birth. Carefully structured classes tailored to the group will help with:

Abdominal separation
Vaginal/internal looseness
Pelvic & spinal strain
Toning & stretching of the CORRECT muscle groups
Post-natal depression


According to a study performed by SECO (Secrétariat d’Etat à l’économie/State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) in 2010, 34.4 % of employees often suffer from stress. In the western world, we estimate that 80% of all health consultations are stress-related, and the leading causes of recurring pain are headaches, back pain and neck pain. Scientific research now shows the positive impact that Mindfulness has on stress, pain and our immune system. Practicing Mindfulness has also shown to positively alter the structure and neural patterns in the brain increasing the density of grey matter in regions linked to learning, memory, emotion regulation, empathy & concentration, and decreasing brain areas associated with frustration, impulsivity and negative emotions.



Join Charlie on Lake Geneva or Divonne Lake to be truly in touch with nature. Working with the elements forces us to connect deeper with our bodies as we stretch and breath in the middle of the lake. The board becomes your yoga mat and the gentle waters increase your focus as you work in harmony with your body to stretch and balance. Although some yoga poses are limited on a paddle board, you will enjoy a full body stretch and tone with some breath work and relaxing meditation, while working on your SUP skills at the same time!


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