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Buddhism, Mindfulness & Meditation
The Tibetan Buddhist Translation of Om Mani Padme Hum The meaning of the Buddhist ... Read more
Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama
The perfect location to recharge your batteries, relax, and disconnect from technology for a weekend, with 11 yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions for you to choose from.
This is a poem that I wrote about the boy Siddhartha Gautama born around 500 BCE, who later became known as the Buddha.
Mindfulness & Meditation
Many people are put off by the idea of meditation, even though they know it's good for them. Here I'm going to debunk these common myths about meditation, and convince the haters to give it a go.
Teaching Yoga, Yoga & Pranayama
Create unique yoga classes with these 7 tips. Don’t just be another yoga teacher. ... Read more
Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama
Let’s say you have a friend that’s into yoga and you have no idea ... Read more
Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama
There are 108 cards with quotes from the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and more, with interpretations, contemplations or meditations on the  other side, to help bring the philosophy of yoga into your daily life. Almost 4000 years of wisdom from Yoga's major texts, split into 5 colors, and making its philosophy more relatable.
Teaching Yoga
Looking to take a kids yoga teacher training course?  Then make sure you READ this first! There are yoga schools that will tell you that it is not necessary to do the RCYT course if you want to teach yoga to children.
Daily Life, Yoga & Pranayama
This week an article caught my eye on how 3 people have died from using a neti pot incorrectly.  In the UK neti pots are prescribed by the NHS for blocked or runny noses.  In the US however, 3 people have contracted a rare condition called amoebic meningitis. Therefore it is important to use your neti pot correctly and with caution. 
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