The implementation of Mindfulness in schools across Europe and America has had positive benefits on students, teachers and the institutions overall. Studies have shown the impact of Mindfulness on concentration, memory, emotion regulation and social interaction, and its encouraging implications for education. Western society puts a large emphasis on diet and exercise for the body but often neglects the vulnerabilities our children´s brains need addressing. Mindfulness training in attention and awareness is essential in the over stimulated world of technology and information that children are growing up in. It provides them with a personal toolbox of skills, which they continue to use throughout life building resilience, autonomy and a healthy awareness of their body and thoughts. (Berkeley University article) Studies done on schools where Mindfulness programmes have been implemented have shown the students to have:

  • Greater resilience and autonomy
  • Increased attention, memory & concentration
  • More empathy and compassion with each other and their teachers
  • Better coping at exam time
  • Better emotion regulation
  • Increased calm and compassion
  • Better overall health & immunity
  • LESS stress, impulsivity, anger and anxiety

Teachers trained in mindfulness also show lower blood pressure, less negative emotion and symptoms of depression, and greater compassion and empathy.

The BBB (Break.Breath.Begin) Mindfulness Method teaches children and adults to identify moments throughout the day to be mindful, leading to better attention, learning and memory. It induces a greater sense of resilience, autonomy and calm decreasing the likelihood of peer pressure, stress or mental illness.

Implementing Mindfulness In an Education Training Programme

Programme Outline This training workshop is for teaching staff in educational institutions for children from 2 years old upwards. It is a training programme designed to provide teachers with methods in which they can implement Mindfulness during classes using the BBB (Break.Breath.Begin) Mindfulness method. This workshop is an introduction to Mindfulness and the many benefits it brings to the students, staff and overall health and moral of any establishment. It will cover how to practice mindfulness, and a variety of methods teachers can use to implement it in classes. Mindful movements and stretches taught at the desks will give staff and students greater body awareness and the ability to ease daily muscle tensions and stress as well as increase concentration and calm. Approx. 90 minutes CHF300: 1 x 90 mins (approx.) training session, max 10 staff members CHF950: 1 x full day training (maximum 10 staff members, approx. 90 mins each)

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