Meat Eating Yogis

If you’ve come across this article hoping for a yoga class in which you eat meat, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.  No, I’m finally broaching the taboo subject of yogis who are not vegetarian.  Gasp!

This topic came up on one of the yoga teacher forums I’m a member of a few weeks ago.  This particularly community of yogis is over 11,000 strong and the amount of replies it received was phenomenal.  I tip my hat to the girl that originally opened up the topic and am glad to say that I was one of the many courageous people to admit that I’m not a vegetarian.  Gasp!

There was an astounding number of yoga teachers that aren’t vegetarian and for a number of diverse reasons;  mainly cultural, medical, and health related, there were many that had suffered with numerous diseases and problems as a result of their diet.  When they introduced or re-introduced animal products, their ailments got better or completely cured.  Bare in mind that we are talking about a community of people with very high moral standards, who usually pride themselves on living a life of respect and peace and tend to have more knowledge on health and nutrition than your average Joe.  So most people who wanted to be vegetarian and aren’t for medical or health reasons, tried all the supplements and alternatives before finally eating meat.

fruit-419623_1280There were many that “only eat fish” or “limit my animal product intake to the weekends” or or only consume certain types of meat, for whatever reason, twice a week etc.  And then of course there were some that simply had the balls to say “because I like the taste”!  For whatever reason I found it incredibly refreshing and thank my fellow yoga teachers for being open and honest.  There are yoga schools, studio and teachers that make people feel like the devil for not being vegetarian, and it is rare to find a yoga course that doesn’t enforce it.  Personally I find, narrow minded inflexibility in people, less yogic than all the meat eating yogis out there!

I DO NOT WANT TO GET INTO A DEBATE ON THE RIGHTS AND WRONGS OF EATING MEAT!!!  I will however tell you that I personally eat organic, farm raised meat for medical and health reasons.  I was vegetarian for 7 years, have tried various ‘diets’ and meat substitutes, but in order to keep my weight at a healthy level I need animal products.  I am also VERY lucky to live somewhere where organic produce is so readily available and reasonably priced.  I’m surrounded by organic farms and shops where even my sanitary products and perfume are bio!  I do not condone hunting for pleasure or the suffering of animals and do my best in the society I live in, to be moral while looking out for my health.  At the end of the day I’m no good to anyone if my brain and body are not ticking over properly!

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