Charlie is really knowledgeable in what the body needs

It is a real pleasure to attend Charlie’s yoga classes. Charlie is an absolute master yoga practitioner, highly professional and a wonderful teacher. Her ability to combine patience, careful instruction and individual attention means that each class is both suited to your individual needs as well as the right amount of physical challenge; all the while listening to her soothing voice which is like a mantra unto itself. Charlie is really knowledgeable in what the body needs, and more than once I have walked out of class in much better shape than going in, having worked on through particular issues with tailor-made exercises. I always leave feeling invigorated and highly energized, and have the best sleep afterwards. There are different classes to suit different needs. My favourite is the Power Yoga class which gives a great physical workout, and total distress. A good way to work up a sweat! Otherwise, there are slower paced and more relaxing options, some of which are tailored for specific groups.