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Teaching Yoga
There have been many reports that yoga teachers that have taken online 200 hr yoga teacher training courses are teaching below standard yoga classes, and causing people to be put off yoga as a result. 
Eastern Philosophy
Many students and clients have expressed concern about this topic, so rest assured that Yogic and Buddhist philosophy tell us that we can love without attachment.  However this can be confusing because there is a strong emphasis in Eastern philosophy on the practice of non-attachment.  We are encouraged to not attach ourselves
Daily Life, Mindfulness & Meditation
7 Easy Steps To More Joy During The Holiday Season The Winter season isn’t ... Read more
Eastern Philosophy, Mindfulness & Meditation
Meditation not working?  Try this completely different way to meditate.
Eastern Philosophy, Mindfulness & Meditation
Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama
The perfect location to recharge your batteries, relax, and disconnect from technology for a weekend, with 11 yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions for you to choose from.
Eastern Philosophy
This is a poem that I wrote about the boy Siddhartha Gautama born around 500 BCE, who later became known as the Buddha.
Mindfulness & Meditation
Many people are put off by the idea of meditation, even though they know it's good for them. Here I'm going to debunk these common myths about meditation, and convince the haters to give it a go.
Teaching Yoga, Yoga & Pranayama
Create unique yoga classes with these 7 tips. Don’t just be another yoga teacher. ... Read more
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