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So I finally bit the bullet and got my long overdue blog butt in action! I hope you enjoy my posts or that they may be interesting to others you know.

If you want to know more about me and Indiv Yoga™ then check out some of the pages on the website or click on my LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Charlie Stewart-Brown
Charlie Stewart-Brown

In brief I spend my days as a yoga therapist traveling and working mainly with private clients of all ages and abilities, including pregnancy and children. I also specialize in Yoga Therapy for Autism Spectrum, special needs, ADHD, anxiety related disorders and depression, injury rehabilitation yoga and post-cancer treatment yoga. Every day I pride myself on learning from my clients and students, my research and studying, and my daily mindfulness practices and meditation.

I also run Mindfulness & Meditation training, various workshops and the Indiv Yoga™ Switzerland 200hr Teacher Training courses on Lake Geneva and on the coast of Portugal. Anyone looking to become a yoga teacher get in touch!

me + david swenson
charlie + david swenson 2009

I was introduced to yoga and zen buddhist meditation when I was 13 years old growing up in London.  I`ll tell you more about how and why in another post, but suffice to say that over 21 years later it is my passion and I`ve been lucky enough to have studied with so many of the best teachers around the world.

charlie + sadie nardini
charlie + sadie nardini 2010

I did my psychology degree in London, worked in PR & Events there, then went to work in New York and Portugal before settling in Geneva, Switzerland.  I now have a beautiful studio as my base that overlooks a river and woodland, 5 minutes from Lake Geneva and 15 minutes from the mountains 🙂

Poss & Milks
Poss & Milks

Besides that I have 2 beautiful cats Poss & Milky, that often join me during my personal practice time to create a distraction and force me to focus harder!  My husband works in finance so we balance each other out with our differences in character, lifestyle and routine!

My goal is to try to balance my contemporary western lifestyle with the wonderful benefits and

charlie + shiva rea
charlie + shiva rea 2010

joy the traditions of yoga bring me. I hope It`s not easy with all the wonderful distractions the modern world brings us, but I hope I can help bring the same to you, and we can smile and support each other in this online community.

If you want more information or help about me, my studio, my commitments or the work I do, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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10 thoughts on “Hello Blog World”

  1. Hi. Amazing story. I love doing yoga and it has been my activity since quarantine. Staying home and trying to stay fit and healthy is my goal.
    yoga studio Nightcliff recently posted…Pranayama keeps me sane.My Profile

  2. Hi Author,

    Amazing article. I will be interested in more similar topics.The information is just amazing and would help Yoga lovers around the world.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Yes!! Yoga is for everyone! I absolutely love yoga and I can no longer get through my stressful days without my practice. Thank you for these great yoga tips! I hope it is ok to share this article to my https://ponderingyogini.com Twitter and Facebook fans?


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