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Brigitte Lawler
Brigitte Lawler
I just attended the Yoga & Buddhist Meditation Retreat in Schwarzee (Switzerland). What an amazing experience! I was hoping for a few days to disconnect and recharge, but I got so much more out of it. Charlie is an amazing teacher and guide. She takes you through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and buddhist teachings in a way that is educational, serene and with a bit of cheeky humour. The facilities are amazing, awesome location. Such interesting people in our group. It was the perfect balance of learning, recharging, relaxing, socialising, solo-time. Ready to sign up for the next one. Thank you Charlie ????
Ellen O'Connell
Ellen O'Connell
I have recently completed Charlie's 200hr RYT training course in a beautiful homely villa in Portugal. I initially signed up for the course with the sole aim of learning more to benefit my own practice and honestly never really planned on teaching. However, the learning and growing I experienced in our magical bubble over the two weeks, has sparked a new found confidence and desire to share and teach. This course is jam packed with learnings, you will be tired, BUT you will be so excited waking up every morning wondering what you will learn that day! This course was an experience of a lifetime thanks to Charlie and the incredible ladies I was lucky enough to share it with. If you're considering this course, do it!!
Pame Mto
Pame Mto
I attended Charlie’s retreat at Schwarzsee and I am very happy I did. It was very well organized, with sessions of meditation, yoga (all levels), walks in nature and delicious vegetarian meals. All of this while enjoying great conversations with Charlie and the other participants. I would definitely recommend this retreat and Charlie as a great yoga/ meditation teacher. It was such a lovely weekend. I am very grateful for this experience.
Laura Boehner
Laura Boehner
I participated in Charlie’s yoga retreat at the Schwarzsee and had a wonderful time. The retreat was very well organized with a nice mix of mediation, yoga, relaxation, activities, and social time. The yoga sessions were accommodating and inclusive for all levels. As a beginner to meditation, I felt well supported to learn, explore, and apply the practices that Charlie shared. The retreat was a super opportunity to unplug from the day-to-day.
Tijana Balac Nilsen
Tijana Balac Nilsen
Charlie has managed to turn a sceptic like me into a devoted yogi after three and a half days full of yoga and meditation. Small and intimate group, a teacher that sees you and shares her wisdom in a funny and accessible way. Wonderful surroundings and great company. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a recharge of body and the mind.
Raika Kroontjes
Raika Kroontjes
I had a wonderful time at Charlie’s YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) in Portugal! I can not think of a better teacher to have taught me and a more joyful experience she created for us. The location, accommodation, teachings, practices but especially Charlie was truly wonderful! I can highly recommend to anyone looking to learn more about yoga and becoming a teacher themselves to do it with Charlie 🙂
Csilla Janó
Csilla Janó
I participated in the Meditation and Yoga Weekend Retreat with Charlie. She organized a wonderful weekend with very nice people on this retreat in a beautiful setting at Schwarzsee. The yoga classes to move our bodies, the calming meditation and breathwork sessions, and also the mindfulness walk around the lake to the waterfall were very well composed with a nice balance for the whole weekend. The food was very tasty and nourishing with carefully taking into consideration all the allergies of the participants. I highly recommend the Indiv Yoga retreats to anyone - either advanced Yogi or a beginner - because Charlie is a wonderful and experienced teacher who looks out for all her students with great care.
Marina Smilova
Marina Smilova
Enjoyed every moment with INDIV YOGA ????❤️ Thank you Charlie
Julie Zufferey
Julie Zufferey
I took part in the yoga retreat in Zermatt and I strongly recommend it to everyone ! The location, the organisation, the people around - everything was so lovely. And the most important : Charlie is a wonderful teacher, giving explanations about what yoga truely is. I am feeling like a "new me", I love yoga even more now ☺️
Mariana Loleva
Mariana Loleva
I am so fortunate to have joint Charlie’s IndivYoga retreat in Jun’21 and be my first yoga retreat to attend. Thanks to Charlie’s high standards, exemplary knowledge and experience, immense passion and well-being qualities, I had an amazing eye opening, energetic and mindful yogic experience during the three days together. The program is structured with balanced yoga practices, meditations and mindfulness learnings and flawlessly carried out in a top noch location and facilities. If I could I would give 10 out of 5 stars and without a doubt I will do it again.


Charlie’s teacher training course is really well structured and she is a wonderful human being. Sharing her knowledge with authenticity and sincerity, and caring for her students. A great experience!


I had the opportunity to meet Charlie for a Yoga teacher training in April 2017. This was an intensive training with a lot to learn from both a theoretical and practical standpoints as the objective is to be fully capable of teaching a Yoga class safely once you have completed and passed all exams. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without such an amazing teacher, one of the best teachers I have ever had the chance to work with across all subject matters. Charlie is passionate, fully dedicated, hard-working, a fantastic professional and deeply committed to share her knowledge and experience with her students. The course program was very well planned and structured. I would definitely recommend the teacher training course and Charlie’s Yoga classes!

Sabrina Fialho 2017

I have been following the 200hrs Teacher Training in Portugal with Charlie and I only can say that this was the best choice ever. The course is hold in a wonderful house near Lagoa with an incredible swimming pool, a kitchen where it is good to eat and prepare meal and very nice bedrooms. This course is an intensive one and there is a lot of information to understand and assimilate: anatomy, yoga history and fundamentals, teaching principles … But Charlie organized the course in a way that you manage to learn that incredible amount of information in this short amount of time. In 1 week, you will start to learn how to teach and get to become more and more comfortable doing so and by the end of the course, if you put the right amount of effort into it, you will truly become the very first version of the teacher inside you, and not only the passionate yogi that you already are. Charlie is rigorous but fair, and will always be there for support and help. She is transmitting her passion and knowledge and help you grow into this new professional person you are becoming. This was truly a life changing experience and I am glad it has been with IndivYoga and Charlie.

Melanie Delonca 2017

I was Lucky to meet Charlie and attend her RYT 200HR Teacher Training in Portugal April 2017, this was one of my greatest choices so far. Charlie is a lovely and knowledgeable yoga teacher. The course is intensive but well planned, and you learn a lot about the basic yoga philosophy, traditions, history, teaching principals, anatomy and poses. I can promise you that you will learn a whole lot about yourself as well. Before I attended the course I was struggling with creating flows for my own practice and for others, now I feel much more comfortable both in my own practice and in teaching others. The course is held at a beautiful villa in Algarve, Portugal, rooms are nice, food is amazing and the surroundings are wonderful. The Yoga,the course, the place, all the great people and least but not last Charlie, made this an incredible experience and something I would recommend everyone!

Lise Pedersen 2017

With Charlie you will feel it – you live to enjoy and be happy and her yoga sessions are wonderful reminders of it! I highly recommend her!!!

Charlie is a wonderful person and an excellent yoga expert! She plans and delivers yoga sessions with true attention and passion. Charlie’s approach is carefully tailored to each individual. She is very knowledgeable, flexible, yet serious about yoga classes. Through my sessions I enjoy a beautiful blend of physical and mental exercises – a journey that gives me strength, peace and envy to discover and enjoy every moment of my life – with no rush or anxiety. Charlie’s voice, guidance and her presence is something I adore. She empowers you – gently, but surely. I am grateful I have met Charlie – my amazing yoga angel …. Thank you, Charlie!

Ilze Kalnina 2016

I was totally new to yoga, and not really sure what to expect. Charlie assessed my condition accurately, and took time to understand my other activities and interests. As a result as well as enjoying the practice for its own sake – it has also opened significant improvements in my other sports and activities. Work on hip and lower back flexibility has made me much more comfortable whilst riding my motorbike, and also allowed me to reach more aerodynamic positions while cycling without crippling myself. Charlie’s instruction is clear and perceptive. This leads to a sense of confident progress and achievement.

Duncan Armstrong-Prior 2016

To become a certified yoga teacher, I attended an intensive and most beneficial teacher training with Indiv Yoga, Charlie Brown. Apart from teaching us, a group of nine, all the skills and knowledge, we had to know for the diploma, Charlie was always helpful, joyful and so kind. I learnt a lot apart from the basics in teaching, I got a deeper understanding of meditation and mindfulness. Accommodation was luxurious, the surrounding gorgeous.

Gabriela Kunz 2016

I attended Charlie’s RYT 200 hour course in September 2016, and was incredibly impressed and inspired by her centered, knowledgeable and tailored approach to training new yoga teachers. The group of 9 women she was training had different needs, backgrounds and first languages but Charlie’s professionalism and natural talent for teaching really brought the entire group together into a productive, enjoyable and ultimately very successful group of trainees (who I’m really lucky to count myself one of!)

The variety of areas Charlie covered in the Indiv yoga course was varied and interesting (encompassing yoga for children, the elderly, pre- and post-natal) whilst being in depth enough to give us all a deep understanding of the needs of these clients. The course was well balanced between practical teaching, theory and group work and I enjoyed ever minute of it. I’m very lucky to be an alumni of the Indiv Yoga course and lucky to train with someone who’s clearly very passionate about what they do!

Gemma Doherty 2016

I attended one of Indiv Yoga’s yoga teacher training courses. Charlie was very knowledgeable about all facets of yoga – from asana and pranayama to yoga philosophy. I learned a lot in the course, and look forward to continuing to learn from Charlie and her experience as a yoga teacher.

Dawn Winalski 2016

When decided to come to Portugal for a Yoga teacher training I was sceptical about the fact that, would I feel confident enough after the course to teach? How much in detail am I going to learn about yoga? I had so much more questions.
The course completely exceeded my expectations. It was so well planned out and designed to ensure our success. I struggled with designing flows and my breathing technique beforehand. Now I’ve learned how to do this my own yoga practice also got so much better. I did not only feel confident to teach afterwards but also I came out with an open heart and mind. Learned so much more than just the physical side of yoga. Thank you Charlie for this amazing experience!

Naomi Veltkamp 2016

Charlie’s competences in her Yoga teaching and approach are fantastic. Down to earth, welcoming, warm, and a very soothing voice – all assets that make going to her classes a real delight.
Also, her class schedule and class specifications are suited for various needs, like Power Yoga which is a good class if you want to work a bit more on your balance and muscles while still being able to give your mind a nice rest.
The location is privileged, with half the studio being blessed with big windows opening up on a forest and a river, quite the view to relax to.
Anyone interested in yoga classes in the Nyon region should give IndivYoga a try, it will not disappoint!

Béatrice Fichot 2015

It is a real pleasure to attend Charlie’s yoga classes. Charlie is an absolute master yoga practitioner, highly professional and a wonderful teacher. Her ability to combine patience, careful instruction and individual attention means that each class is both suited to your individual needs as well as the right amount of physical challenge; all the while listening to her soothing voice which is like a mantra unto itself. Charlie is really knowledgeable in what the body needs, and more than once I have walked out of class in much better shape than going in, having worked on through particular issues with tailor-made exercises. I always leave feeling invigorated and highly energized, and have the best sleep afterwards. There are different classes to suit different needs. My favourite is the Power Yoga class which gives a great physical workout, and total distress. A good way to work up a sweat! Otherwise, there are slower paced and more relaxing options, some of which are tailored for specific groups.

Brigitte Lawler 2014

Charlie is an excellent yoga teacher, she has strong skills and the ability to share and advice.
She gives individualized attention.
Her lessons are made according to your personal goals and health concern.
I strongly recommend her.

Elodie Lyons 2014

Charlie has a natural ability to connect with children and build rapport with them at their level. Her yoga therapies are individually tailored to each child’s need whether its confidence building, concentration improvement or simple meditation to relief anxiety. Her each class is designed as building blocks on individual child’s development and interests. Our child enjoys Charlie’s yoga classes and we can see the fruits of her work in our everyday lives. Based on our personal experience, we highly recommend her private classes!

Mohira Kurbanova 2014

I have started attending Charlie’s prenatal yoga classes since the Indivyoga studio in Nyon has opened, and it’s been a highlight of my week. The classes take place in a cozy, modern studio filled with daylight and with a view over a water stream (very zen!). Charlie is not only very professional but she also is a warm and caring person. She personally attends to each students’ needs and will cater the yoga class accordingly to what and how you feel today. All in all, a fantastic yoga experience for me.

Alyona Piard 2014

As a beginner I must say Hot Yoga with Charlie has been a true blessing.

Calm and relaxed atmosphere in which she gives us close attention in helping us with the positions, correcting us whenever needed, and giving us a true understanding of what yoga is all about.

Afonso Coruche 2013

Charlie is a very warm and enthusiastic yoga teacher. My daughter Anish and I both like her personality and her inspiring yoga teaching. It is relaxed meditation and at the same time you train your body and feel healthier without realising it!

Marie & Anish 2012

Conheci a Charlie através de um anúncio numa revista e liguei para marcar um encontro. Desde o primeiro momento que houve uma grande empatia, as nossas energias convergiram logo e encontramos um equilíbrio fantástico nas nossas sessões semanais. Desde há mais de um ano que duas vezes por semana a Charlie vem a minha casa onde disfrutamos as duas, de uma horinha de trabalho árduo muito equilibrado e com um resultado final muito bom. Se por alguma razão não podemos manter os nossos encontros, os meus dias não são os mesmos! Aconselho a todos Indiv Yoga!

Maria 2012

I really enjoy my yoga classes with Charlie as she blends the perfect combination I am seeking in a yoga instructor:
A good guide – she shows us the process and lets us complete it at our pace;
While simultaneously: A meticulous teacher – she makes sure that we are using the correct postures at all times in order to maximize our yoga experience while certifying that we do not injure ourselves while doing so.

Being an individual who has a chronic back condition and bad posture, I find that the yoga classes with Charlie have had the results of bettering my posture while alleviating my back condition and the benefits of balancing the body’s overall energy. I feel great after a yoga class!

Cristina 2012

I have known Charlie´s family for sometime and I kept hearing from people around how brilliant she was but was too scared to try yoga. Having had some medical problems last year I decided to take the plunge and try it and I couldn’t have wished for a better instructor to introduce me to the benefits. Charlie gives clear instructions and makes you feel totally comfortable from the first minute. She is patient and knowledgeable about how best to proceed between poses, whether you are able to or not, taking into consideration my ability, agility and keeping me motivated. I ended up loving it and I don’t think I would have achieved it if it hadn’t been for Charlie. So thank you, YOU Charlie are a star. I recommend her and will be booking my partner in with me at the next opportunity.

Lara Haylee Costa 2011

I had an unforgettable chance to participate in Charlie’s hot yoga classes in Lisbon. She is one of the best instructors I have ever met in my life. She can combine all those indescribable qualities that you can feel when a great yogi walks into the room — her presence commands attention.Her energy can pick you up, it can make you feel at ease, it can make you feel welcome, and it can make you want to practice yoga more and more. Charlie brings her spiritual energy into class, which lifts you up and provides a sense of purpose while you’re on that mat. She changed my body, mind and soul.

Katarzyna Mrozowska 2011

Being Indian I have experienced learning yoga from various instructors growing up – the reason I find Charlie a lot more effective is that not only is she very professional but customizes yoga to suit individual needs like no one else.

In group classes and in my private yoga sessions, she’s also very patient and spends a lot of time understanding in detail what each individuals issues are and then tackling them sustainably over the course.

A few key key takeaways from Charlie like the morning stretch before getting out of bed have really changed my life!

Nitin Puri 2010

Charlie is an expert in many areas of yoga, which allows her to tailor individual classes according to every student’s needs. At the same time she is able to conduct group classes and pay special attention to each student.

I started having private yoga lessons with Charlie in 2009 and was very pleased with her teaching skills, passion and knowledge of yoga and the human body. She pushed me in a way that made me want to do more and I could feel and see the results very soon. I prefer to train very early in the mornings and Charlie was very reliable with the schedule we set up.

Anyone who is interested in improving their health through yoga will benefit by using Charlie’s knowledge and experience.

Marta A R Stilwell 2010

I took astanga flow classes with Charlie twice a week in Lisbon for about a year and a half (until she moved to Geneva). Classes were taught at my workplace, at lunchtime, which was extremely practical.

Although I’ve practiced yoga on and off for over ten years, there were about 6 of us attending these classes, with widely varying experience. Still, Charlie was brilliant in her ability to adapt each class & asana to each student’s level – beginners weren’t made to feel like they lagged behind and the more advanced were always made to feel challenged. Not an easy feat!

Charlie is professional but approachable and really friendly. I felt confident in her knowledge, and she’d offer adjustments or suggest alterations, as needed.

I miss Charlie and her classes and am sorry that she moved away!

Andreia Tavares 2009

I really like yoga with Charlie because it is healthy for the body and I am good at it. Yoga is fun and so is my teacher! 🙂

Tomas Ellis 2009

I have attended multiple hot yoga classes Charlie gave in Lisbon. She is highly knowledgeable and really made us work out hard even if we all had a different level of experience. Even in a class of 10, she managed to bring a personal touch to all the attendees and I personally felt she managed to answer in a very simple way to all questions asked.

I’m a runner and a swimmer, yoga tends to bring me a little bit more peace after a long day at work which I can’t find in my other physical activities.

Jonathan Berrar 2009

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Charlie for many years, yet it’s only more recently that I’ve come to appreciate her contribution to Yoga! I enjoy all sports and like many, turned to Yoga to complement the fast pace physical activities I’ve been involved with for many years.

Charlie is not only meticulous in the way she teaches this spiritual exercise, yet is also incredibly knowledgeable and understanding; especially when it comes to inflexible beginners like myself.

Yoga is an environment of trust and mental discipline which Charlie balances incredibly well, while continuously helping to better individual performance – in my case flexibility! And YES, I have got better!

Her classes are nothing but a joy to partake in!

Thank you Charlie!

Frédéric Dormeuil 2009

charlie meditating by lake

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