PRIZE! 5 mins Daily Mindfulness Challenge for Adults & Kids

A 5 mins a day mindfulness challenge for adults and kids

For the last 20 days before I make my lunch, I’ve spent 5 mindful minutes making an origami heart.  It’s a beautifully relaxing way to calm and focus the mind.  Even my adults, kids and special needs yoga students are really enjoying the few minutes of productive peace it brings when I’ve introduced it in classes 🙂


Screen Shot 2017 11 16 at 02.53.31 compress compressBelow is a ‘How To’ video for making an origami heart.  You will need a square piece of paper of preferably about 6 inches, and coloured on one side.  Follow along peacefully bringing your attention back to the process if you get distracted.  Enjoy, practice and share the method and hearts with others 🙂



If you make 20 in a row post a photo on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #indivyoga_hearts of all 20, and spread the word by mentioning @indiv_yoga


(Winner picked on 20th December 2017 and announced on Instagram and Facebook! FOLLOW to find out what the prize is, and be eligible for it!)



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