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7 mins Yoga for a Better Love Life

A better love life with 7 mins of daily yoga?

This short yoga sequence has been designed to give you more flexibility in the parts of the body that are needed in the bedroom!  Both men and women will benefit from these poses which stretch the hips, lower back and legs.  It will also tone the pelvic cavity muscles (yes men this is important for you too!) so you begin to harness, and have better control over, your sexual energy.


love 163690 1280 compress compressWhether a yoga beginner or seasoned practitioner, remember the 3 rules:  1. Take it gradually – 2. Listen to your body – 3. Keep your focus returning to your breathing

  1. Follow the sequence below taking 5 deep breaths in each pose.
  2. Each time you exhale try to engage (or ‘pull up’) your mula bandha (kegel/pelvic floor muscles)
  3. Have sex on day 1.
  4. Do the sequence DAILY.
  5. Have sex on day 10, and I’ll eat my pants if you’re not feeling more flexible in bed 😉

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I’ll be releasing the full instructional VIDEO of this sequence in an upcoming newsletter so make sure you’ve signed up below!

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