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Neti Kriya Video: How To Use a Neti Pot To Naturally Cleanse Your Nose

Neti Kriya – Cleaning your nose naturally using a neti pot

In response to requests after my morning Instagram @indiv_yoga photo, below is a time-lapse video of me using my neti pot.jala neti kriya

Especially good for those with sinus issues or a dry/bunged up nose, Jala Neti Kriya is a natural and pure way to clean the nasal passages.  An ancient Ayurvedic tradition, the word ‘kriya’ refers to a bodily cleansing process usually practiced in the morning. ‘Jala’ means ‘water’ in Hindi, and ‘neti’ is the pot which is used to perform this kriya.

Have you ever seen the chemical list on nasal sprays, even those which look like simple salt solutions? Go check out the ingredients in your ‘natural’ nose spray now! Personally I find that besides the cleaning, hydrating and clearing effect that Jala Neti has on my nostrils, it is also really refreshing and a great way to wake up the body and brain in the morning!

neti potHOW TO:  Use a pinch of pure finely ground sea salt for 3/4 litre of filtered boiled water.  Make the solution the night before and leave to reach room temperature over night.  Blow your nose before you start and once you finish the process.

Insert the spout into your nostril and tilt the chin upwards slightly.  Breathe through the mouth and start pouring as you find the right angle.  After finishing a full pot for the first nostril, blow out any excess water before filling the pot up again and repeating the process on the other nostril.   The salt water is not meant to sting the nasal passage.  As different pure salts have varying concentrations, you may need to slightly reduce or increase the amount of salt you dilute in the water.  Practice outside, over a basin or bath and tilt your nose slightly upwards in the direction of the spout.  It may take a few goes but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love how awake and clear it makes you feel!  As Patttabhi Jois said ‘Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory’.

NOTE:  It’s normal to find that one nostril is clearer/easier than the other, and this will NOT work if your nostril is too blocked.  Wait until congestion has relieved a bit before trying to use your neti pot to aid clearing the nasal passages further,  and don’t forget to clean your pot after each use.  Also please ignore my cats’ butt passing by in the foreground!


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