Living Yoga 108 Philosophy Cards

Bringing more depth & integrity to Yogaliving yoga cards and box

What most people think of these days as ‘Yoga’, is far removed from the true essence of what yoga can really bring us.  Yoga is not  photos of fancy poses on Instagram.  It is a rich philosophy guiding us into a process of

connection and liberatyoga philosophy cardsion.

The Living Yoga 108 yoga philosophy cards will deepen your personal yoga practice and yoga classes, adding more depth to your knowledge, understanding and practice of yoga.

There are 108 cards with quotes from the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and renowned spiritual masters, with interpretations, contemplations or meditations on the  other side, to help bring the philosophy of yoga into your daily life.  Almost 4000 years of wisdom from Yoga’s major texts, split into 5 colors, and making its philosophy more relatable.

Created by Charlie Stewart-Brown, founder of Indiv Yoga, who has been studying and practicing the philosophy of yoga since 1995, and today holds retreats and trains yoga teachers from around the world.

living yoga 108 cardsWhen Charlie started suffering from seizures brought on by anxiety, she decided to switch her yoga practice from the physical path, to the path of knowledge or Jnana Yoga.  She spent the next few years studying and meditating on the major texts of yoga as a form of therapy, and found that it brought her calm, clarity and a deeper connection with herself.

The Living Yoga 108 box includes 108 yoga philosophy quote cards and an information leaflet, AND a percentage of the profits go to the SOS Children’s Villages, caring for and educating children in India!  For more information visit and follow us on social media on @livingyoga108.



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