#mindfulforme 1 Week MINDFULNESS CHALLENGE

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Try this mindfulness challenge for 1 week

Do you need more calm, focus and balance in your life? More positive habits or better control over the negative ones?  Mindfulness practice is scientifically proven to help bring you all 3, and many more physical and mental health benefits.  Today I’m starting the 1 week #mindfulforme Challenge, and I hope you’ll join me in creating more positive daily habits.

If you’ve read my previous post you’re aware I’m making some important changes in my life and I thought I’d share them in case anyone else wants more day-to-day calm, balance and productivity?!  It’s time to take care of ourselves, take control of our negative habits and thoughts, and take the time to enjoy, and BE more in the present.

Mindfulness practice is a cheap and easy way to get us there.  It’s just a matter of wanting to, enough to apply a little bit of effort.  So as an added incentive to others wanting a more mindful lifestyle, I’ve added a PRIZE for someone who manages to complete the 1 week challenge.  The prize will be a meditation Mala necklace, with a 7 minutes mantra, and a ‘how to’ explanation on how to use your beads for easy meditation anytime, anywhere 🙂  It’s one of my FAV ways to meditate and has become very popular with my clients and students over the last few years.  I’ve given talks on Mindfulness and the importance of implementing it in the education system and in companies in Switzerland, and I truly believe in the benefits of it for everyone.  The evidence for the advantages of adding a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation to your daily life, are well studied and documented.  And even if you’re not interested in winning mala beads or have come across this post after the challenge has started, why not give these weekly mindful habits a go, and see if they’re a positive addition to your life 🙂

So if you’re looking for more peace, balance and focus in your week, keep up with the daily challenges and start implementing them in your weekly schedule TODAY.  Set your Mindfulness alarms clocks NOW!  Next Sunday I’ll announce the winner on Instagram with more info on Japa Mala Meditation.  To WIN follow along on @indiv_yoga, posting a daily photo relating to the challenges with #mindfulforme @indiv_yoga, and read the rules:

  1. Follow @indiv_yoga & repost the challenge photo on your page, tagging 2 friends you think could benefit from daily mindfulness!
  2. Keep your profile public and open to receiving notifications from @indiv_yoga for the week.
  3. Post a photo daily relating to the mindfulness challenges with #mindfulforme @indiv_yoga under it.



That’s all!  Here are the week’s challenges:

  • SATURDAY – Mindful Challenge #1

The Technology Detox Habit

Email/social media for only 1 hour on Saturdays

#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga


  • SUNDAY – Mindful Challenge #2

The Mindful Wash Habit

Once weekly shower/bath: Take it slow, breathe deeply & do it focused & fully aware

#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga


  • MONDAY – Mindful Challenge #3

The 50% Airplane Mode Habit

NO emails or social media 7.30pm-7.30am, Mon-Wed!

#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga


  • TUESDAY – Mindful Challenge #4

The Weekly Mindful Meal Habit

Pick 1 breakfast/lunch/snack meal, stick to it, and eat it silently with full focus & awareness.

#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga


  • WEDNESDAY – Mindful Challenge #5

The Feet & Hands Love Habit

Massage oil/cream mindfully for 1 minute on each hand and foot.

#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga


  • THURSDAY – Mindful Challenge #6
The Weekly Connection Habit
10 minutes to call someone in your life that deserves it.
(preferably FaceTime or with camera so you can see one another:-)
#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga


  • FRIDAY – Mindful Challenge #7

The 5 mins Contemplation Habit

For 5 mins, take in a nice view or look at a candle flame, while taking stock of your week, your body, your head, and your heart.

#mindfulforme @indiv_yoga




TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST and start new positive mindful habits!

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