NUTRI DUST Recipe – Easy, healthy & yummy

An easy, healthy & yummy Nutri Dust recipe

Packed with nutritional goodness in just 10 mins!

IMG 8807 scaled compress compressFor a healthy shot of plant based vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and fiber, my basic nutri dust recipe consists of the following seeds:

Sesame, pumpkin, flax/linseed, sunflower, hemp, poppy & chia

IMG 8804 scaled compress compress* Electric grinder approx €10!


* Try to buy organic/bio seeds and store in a tight glass container.


* Use less of seeds that you use in weekly cooking and more of those you don’t.


IMG 8809 scaled compress compress* Leave 1cm of space at the top of the jar after layering the ground seeds in, so you can close and shake to mix well!

* Set some apart and try mixing different flavours for toppings to different meals i.e. paprika, sea salt, pepper, chilies, herbs, garlic powder, dried fruits, nuts, pure coconut sugar…

* Store at room temperature and sprinkle on everything and anything!

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  1. All the Vitamins have their own advantages to our body, and we should figure it out, so we can use them properly. There is a need of a proper diet that contains the required amount of vitamins if you work a lot. Thanks for your sharing. Really informative post.


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